Spray Foam Insulation Cost Calculator

 Use this calculator to find out of spray foam is the right choice for your home. Just enter the length and width of the space you want to insulate and whether you would install it yourself or hire a professional.

Professional or DIY Installation?

When deciding whether to do the job yourself (DIY) or hire a professional installation crew, remember that a professional job will typically be done in just a few hours. When doing self installation of spray foam, you must learn the techniques and rent the equipment yourself. It certainly can be done, but the money you save will be spent in time and effort.

What is a good Return on Investment?

In the financial world, a 6% return on your investment is considered historically normal. When you are considering improvements to your home, you should always examine whether or not the improvements will pay for themselves in either a higher home value or lower operating expenses.

Fortunately, adding insulation to your home can do both and give you a fabulous ROI at the same time.

Spray foam insulation can save you up to 40% on your heating and cooling bills. You can use the calculator above to find out what percentage your investment in insulation is saving you each year.

In some cases, making your home easier and cheaper to heat and cool can actually add to your home’s value. Be sure to check with a local real estate agent or broker to find out what this might mean in your area.

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